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Sakuntala by Kalidhasa

City Theatre, Kuopio, Finland 1987

Sakuntala by Kalidasa, Indian classic (Kuopion Kaupunginteatteri 1985) tells the story of a lost ring. This production of Sakuntala was the first of its kind in Finland. MTG and her set and costume designer Tero Kiiskinen made an extensive research travel to India and returned with materials, fabrics and inspiration. The actors got a training workshop in Indian culture and dance by the the dancer/choreographer Krishnan Namboothiri, former dancer of the company of Uday Sankar. The firstnight was opened by the Indian Ambassador in Finnland, Sri K.P. Fabian. In the picture the policemen (Pertti Itkonen and Markku Söderstöm) investigate the fisherman (Yrkki Kartunen), how found the lost ring. (Valokuvat: Leila Pitkänen)

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