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The Prince, the Pearl and the Rebel
Prasanth Neelakantan in St. Thomas, the Rebel and the Pearl

The Prince, the Pearl and the Rebel is a solo-performance- research project with the Kerala actor Prasanth Nilakanthan; a  collage of 3 different, intertwined stories: The gnostic Hymn of the Pearl, Aischylos' Prometheus and stories from the apocryphal Acts of Thomas and is available in Kerala.

Daughter from the House of Flying Sleeves

Is a solo performance with masks and tells about the girl Rose and her life from childhood to death. In eleven scenes she deals with education, love, happiness, to be abandoned, war, domestic violence, the court of justice, rebellion, flight, getting old and memories. This production is also a research project, where Dr. Maya Tångeberg-Grischin uses mime, mask and mudras and adapts various Asian theatre skills. Visualisation by Riina Ahonen, Helsinki/ Tångeberg-Grischin; Mask by P. and M. Tångeberg, Wayan Tanqu and Riina Ahonen. Folkmusic from the Alps, Scandinavia, the Balcans and China, song and accordeon by Pauline Jacobs, Hamburg; production Elisabetta Ciufegni, fotos Christian Steidel.

First-night in Berlin at the Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, on February 10th 2017


Coming tours 2018: Sweden, Finland and Germany


Världen är en stor katt

Världen är en stor katt (The World is a Big Cat) a production of Azotti-teatern in Stockholm, a cross-over theatre group that mixes Asian theatre arts with physical theatre.

Is a one-hour play about the childhood and youth of Nikola Tesla (1856- 1943 , son of an orthodox priest in Serbia, who studied in Zagreb and Prag, worked in France and Hungary before he migrated to the USA and became one of the most famous and influential inventors in the field of electricity.

Concept, direction and visualisation (with Nora Sandholm-Azémar) by Maya Tångeberg-Grischin, produced by Timothy Pilotti-Johansson (First-night in Stockholm, 01.04.2017)

With Timothy Pilotti-Johansson as Nikola Tesla and Nora Sandholm-Azémar as Mother, Verica, Professor Pöschl, Sarah Bernhard, Swami Vivekananda and the Liberty statue.

With skilful physical expression and mime, a minimum of text and folksongs from the Balcans; played by Daisi Yang (Gitarr, percussion and flute) Lucas Pilotti-Johansson (gitarr).


Workshops available:

The following workshops are for:

Adult people with theatre experience/ researchers/ dancers/ singers/ mime actors and actors.

These workshops are built on double sessions, were the techniques are properly studied and thereafter applied in a personal, creative process.


  1. A precise method for mask-acting (24- 48 or more hours)

  2. Female expression and female impersonation (Europe, India, China and Japan) (9-24 hours)

  3. Pantomime and creative gesture language (8- 48 or more hours)

  4. The rules of mime (European and Asian mime) (24- 48 or more hours)


If you are interested in a workshop, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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