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The Tales of Mnemosyne by Maya Tångeberg-Grischin

Atheneum Theatre, Helsinki, Finland 2009

The Tales of Mnemosyne, the last solo production connected to my doctorate was the fusion of European pantomime (with music), Indian mudras and expressions as used in kutiyattam, bharatanatyam and kathakali. Mudras and expressions, as well as pantomime gestures, were adapted and transformed suiting the situations. I chose a black Pierrot (Pierrot as the classical character of French pantomime) as storyteller of the tale of Narcissus and Echo (as told by Ovid). The nymph Echo, in love with Narcissus, was shown by a mask for making character change, a feature of pantomime, that makes character change more clear. Pierrot, the commenting storyteller, showed Narcissus by physical actions, mudras and emotional expressions by face and body.

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