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Moby Dick by Melville-Valo

Strand Theatre, Kopenhagen, Danmark, 1989

Moby Dick, Strand Theatre Kopenhague, Danmark 1989 was a research production with five actors from various places: Ilpo Hakala from Tampere (Ismael), Esko Janhunen from Rovaniemi (Fedallah), Vesa Repo from Kajaani (Starbuck), Hannu Salminen from Lahti (Ahab). Frank Behrend, Danish dancer (Qeequeg), and Narippatta Raaju from Finland as Bip. The whole crew, also the set designer Tero Kiiskinen, and the producer Virpi Repo, lived in Mayas countryside house in Northern Karelia and rehearsed in Ilomantsi. The production featured much physical expression, shanties and a beautiful set with huge movable, transparent green sails.

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